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James Considine

Thought you might appreciate this article Mike...

Study Says Wrong-Site Surgery Is Very Rare and Preventable
Insurance Journal (04/17/06)
A recent study conducted by the Health and Human Services' Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality revealed that wrong-site surgeries, or surgeries that are performed on the wrong limb or organ, are rare and that injuries from these surgeries are even rarer. The study included reports to a large medical malpractice insurer between 1985 and 2004, and examined site verification procedures at over 25 hospitals, which are used to prevent wrong-site surgeries. Some of these procedures include marking the body where the surgery is to occur, conducting pre-operation verification with the nurses, surgeon, and patient, resolving inconsistencies before surgery, and gaining the consent of the patient about operation location.

Source: Insurance Journal


Yeah, they did every one of these when I had my surgery. You can imagine how careful a doctor would be about removing the correct testicle, haha.


Not that it makes a difference to your point, with which I whole-heartedly agree, but when the author of the piece referred to "two incremental measures", I think he only meant the ones listed immediately after: "having all medical records put into a computer database and fostering so-called e-prescriptions, written and ordered by computer".

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